Stories of Inspiration: Mountain Climbing

On December 7, 2005 “brain tumor” was what I heard and that changed our lives forever. What sticks in my mind is the sobbing of his grandmother as I just started praying.  

I spent eight months watching my son go through different kinds of tests, throwing up every day, very bad headaches, drinking the oceans and going to doctor nearly every day. But Dr. Bennett never gave up; that’s where the climbing began.  He referred us to Dr. Rappaport. We were told Nickolas had diabetes insipidus, which caused him to be very thirsty; it was like a drinking disease. More tests were done, including a MRI.

On December 12th Dr. Reisner removed Nick’s tumor, a craniopharyngioma. It was near the optic nerve and on his pituitary gland. After he recovered from the operation, we were told he no longer had thyroid or adrenal glands.  My 12-year-old son, standing at 4’9, would have to take daily growth hormone injections and other monthly injections to make him a young man.

Nick’s tumor is the type that grows back and it did.  In January 2008 we learned that it had grown a small amount. The tumor is stable but to me his life is not. 

I asked God to show me a miracle and He did.  Now 18 years old and standing 6’2 tall, my handsome son is graduating on May 27th and planning to go to GPC in the fall. 

This tumor may have prevented him from playing sports (he played them all) and left him to spend a couple of years being home schooled because of his immune system, but it never stopped him.  Financially, he deserves so much more, but his attitude is that “we are not poor; there is always someone worse off than us.”

Nick has a great sense of humor and has never met a stranger. His hardest climb is that his dad is not in his life. He does have the love of his sister, Lori; brother, Bobby; grandparents and nieces &nephews who call him “Uncle Nickel”.  He has adjusted.

I want to thank God for the knowledge he gave these great doctors, for their support and treatment. My son is my inspiration. Nick said he would rather this happen to him than his sister or brother – what amazing person. I am so proud to be his mother. So keep climbing son and when you reach the top of mountain your accomplishments will be never ending.


About The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children

Founded in 1983, BTFC was the first nonprofit in the U.S. to focus on brain cancer in children. Our mission is to support patients and their families.
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