Stories of Inspiration: Little Baby, Big Fighter

This story is about Adora who was 11 weeks old when they found her brain tumor.  She was diagnosed with AT/RT and has been getting chemo since December 2010.

Adora has a seven-year-old sister, Alesha, through a previous marriage.  She is severely Autistic –has no communication and still wears diapers.  My husband, Zack, has helped me raise her since she was two. Adora is his first child but he has always loved Alesha as if she were his.  It has been a challenge because Alesha cannot communicate and is very withdrawn from people.  Sometimes I wonder if she knows I’m her mommy.  I will never stop trying to reach her and will always give her all the love I can. She is also an angel.

In November 2009 my husband Zack and I purchased a home and planned to start trying to have a baby. I got pregnant just one month later.  We were thrilled, and I knew he would be a great daddy because of how good he was with Alesha.  Miss Adora was born full term; I was induced on August 16 2010.  She was 7 lbs,  1 oz.  Since the day she was born she has been a very content sweet little baby.  We are so blessed.

On November 10, 2010 Adora was acting very tired; she just laid around and her color was pale.  I had just taken her for her two-month checkup and her doctor said she looked great.  I was concerned about how she was acting that day so I took her to children’s hospital emergency room.  The Doctors told me that they had to do a spinal tap because her blood work came up abnormal.  As they were doing the spinal tap, Adora quit breathing; they had to bring in crash cart to get her stable.  The doctor told me they thought she had Spinal Meningitis.  I called Zack and told him to leave work.  The doctors then did a cat-scan and found a mass which they later confirmed was AT/RT, a very rare and aggressive form of brain cancer; only 40 cases in the country per yr.  We were devastated!

They scheduled her for brain surgery the very next day.  The doctor told me because she is so little she may not survive the surgery.  The next day was the longest day.  The surgery only lasted about 5 hours but it felt like eternity.  She made it through the surgery but had some brain damage as a result of the tumor pressing her brain against her skull.  When she woke up from surgery, both of her eyes were fixated to the right.  The doctors told us she may be blind.  She was also having seizures so they weren’t sure if she would ever breathe without the ventilator. 

We were just thanking God she was here.  We said if she is blind we will see for her.  After a few days they told me she CAN SEE!  A few days later they took her off the ventilator.  SHE COULD BREATH ON HER OWN!  She is such a fighter. 

We went home four days before Thanksgiving and came back on November 29.  We started her first round of chemotherapy in December 2010.  She has to get some very intense chemo, but she has done very well so far.  Her counts take a while to come up, but she is still smiling. She is the strongest person I know and she just came in this world. 

We have slept at the hospital for around 60 days now.  We did enjoy Christmas and New Year’s at home so that was a blessing.  All the nurses have been so great.  They have actually helped me through this horrible experience MORE THAN THEY KNOW.  Her nurse practitioner, Richard and oncologist, Dr. Reddy are two of the best in the nation.  We are in good hands. Now we are just giving it to God. 

Please pray for my baby.


About The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children

Founded in 1983, BTFC was the first nonprofit in the U.S. to focus on brain cancer in children. Our mission is to support patients and their families.
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