Round Up of Online News

At BTFC we hope that some day we will no longer be needed, that some day there will be a cure to brain cancer.  We know that you care about the latest research.   Here are some links to articles we found regarding the research currently being done, as well as general news regarding the brain tumor community.  

CNN Health posted an article about a study on neuroblastoma done by the National Cancer Institute, using the body’s own immune system to target cancer cells.

The Evening Times in Scotland posted a story about 14 year old Chloe, who wished to be an organ donor in the event of her death.  Although a brain tumor claimed that teenager’s life too early, her organs were donated to 13 other people.

The former lead singer of Foreigner, Lou Gramm, talks about his experience surviving a brain tumor for thirteen years in The Times Leader story.

A 10 year old New Jersey girl undergoes laser surgery to treat a so-called “inoperable” brain tumor, as told in this story by the  One month later, there is no tumor regrowth.

Finally, the CBS Evening News published an article about proton beam therapy.


About The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children

Founded in 1983, BTFC was the first nonprofit in the U.S. to focus on brain cancer in children. Our mission is to support patients and their families.
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