Welcome to My Crazy

This is a guest post written by Natalie Willis, mother of Mandy Willis.   Ten-year-old Mandy has been treated for an optic glioma, secondary to neurofibromatosis Type 1.  Her mother has written about her fears and provides the chilling perspective from a parent of a child who has had a brain tumor.

People get headaches.

Shocker, I know. This is certainly not a newly touted medical discovery. This ground breaking information is not soon to be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is not even as timely as a cure for polio.

People get headaches. JUST headaches.

It’s okay.

It does not necessarily mean anything other than their head, well, aches. No bigger evil lurking in the wings, no monsters under the bed ready to leap out at you, no boogie men.

Nope, people really do just get headaches.

But, I gotta tell you, when Mandy gets out of her bed tonight and comes out of her room to tell me that, “Every time I lay down my head hurts” it is a one way ticket on the express train to Crazyville for me.

The most likely scenario is that she has a headache. Plain and simple. Just a headache.

It could be allergies.

It could be a cold.

It could be that she listens to Laurie Berkner and Carrie Underwood at full volume.

It could be….lots of things.

It’s probably nothing.

But, does it invite all those nasty thoughts to, please, break down the bolted door and bully their way into my the very front of my head?

Um, yea, it does.

My daughter has a headache.

And that? Is the stuff my nightmares are made of.


About The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children

Founded in 1983, BTFC was the first nonprofit in the U.S. to focus on brain cancer in children. Our mission is to support patients and their families.
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One Response to Welcome to My Crazy

  1. God bless you and bless these wonderful kids, you are in our prayers, keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by my blog.

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