Can you Volunteer for William’s Walk and Run? Race Day is September 11, 2010

Registration 5:45 a.m. (6-8 people)

Take the completed, signed registration forms and entry fees for runners on-site.   Issue a race number.

Pre-Registration   5:45 a.m. (12-15 people)

Issue a race packet to the participants who have pre-registered.

Finish Line Workers  7:15 a.m. (15 people)

Depending on how the race is scored, these volunteers may use  timers (pressing a button to record a time for each runner), act as people movers (keeping runners moving through the chute), distribute finish card  (handing out sequentially numbered cards to each runner), or pull tags (pulling a tag off the bottom of each runner’s number and spindling them on a shaft).  These jobs are not difficult, but require accuracy and are very active.

Mile-Split Announcers  7:00 a.m. (6 people)

Assemble at the starting line in one vehicle.  With the starting gun, they will start watches and will be taken to the 1 and 2 mile marks to call out times as the runners pass by.  These people will be standing for about thirty minutes and need a voice that projects well.

Water Stop Volunteers  7:00 a.m. (8 people)

Fill enough cups of water to cover the tables prior to the runners’ arrival, hand out water as runners pass by and clean up the cups from the ground.  Water stops will be at the start/finish and at the 1½  mile mark on the course.  Volunteers may get a little wet and may need to do some heavy lifting. 

Refreshments  7:00 a.m. (8 people)

Organize refreshment tables for runners after the race and police the area to ensure that there is food left for the slower runners.  After the race, clean the area and dispose of trash properly.

 Kids Korner  6:45 a.m. (6-10 people)

You will need lots of energy and want to have fun with the kids.  We will entertain children of all ages (i.e. face painting, tattoos, games/activities.)

BTFC will also need people to help at the volunteer table to help with the awards presentation and — of course — clean up (late risers, this is for you!).  Please contact Sherry Samuels at if you can help BTFC!



About The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children

Founded in 1983, BTFC was the first nonprofit in the U.S. to focus on brain cancer in children. Our mission is to support patients and their families.
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